Thyme cannot be resurrected

Thyme is one of those herbs I love to use in cooking; from Soups to Rice and Peas to Meat dishes. Hence why I grow it…in my garden. It is right there for ease and something I simply cut, as and when I need it.

rice-and-peasThat’s what today’s post is about…timing, with thyme.

A while ago I shared some with a young boy, who is the son of a dear friend of the family. I’m a sharing person and thought I’d impart some cooking knowledge to the next generation. Caribbean cuisine loves spices, and thyme is key.

thyme-gg-1Following my last post, the mother of the young boy, let my granddaughter know that he still has that same little branch I gave him – only now it has grown much bigger than it started. If cut right, the thyme won’t be wrong.

On occasion, I ‘split’ the thyme I have and put it in different containers, and that’s what I handed to him. It is important to cut it where the roots are still living, as otherwise that’s where it starts to dry…and die.

That’s what happened to the thyme my daughter bought.

I visited her earlier this week, for another matter, and she asked if she could do anything to bring more life to the thyme she had bought. I couldn’t hold back my laughthyme-ggter, as I looked at the poor thing…it’s time was surely up!

I told her honestly:

“You cannot resurrect that…It’s not Lazarus!”

(Bible reference)

So I’ll leave you with a couple of tips for growing thyme, over time:

  1. Make sure you plant it as soon as possible if there are roots visible and it’s out of the ground/soil in a tub
  2. Once planted, only cut it fresh, to use as needed
  3. Given that we are approaching colder climates; you might not want to cut it as frequently, as its growth slows in the Winter


We all know that time is precious…well so is thyme.

Until your next visit..

Thanks for taking another step in my garden.




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